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The new digital camera can take short little video clips, following are a couple of them.  Eventually I will learn how to download video from my digital camera... but that's a lesson for another day.  Click on the link below and it will take you to the folder holding all my personal video files.  Right click and "Save As" to your hard drive, and then play them from there.  They are .mov files, which I know play with QuickTime (able to download for free here).  I imagine they play with other players, but I haven't researched which ones.  Let me know if there are any problems. 

Also are recipes my dad gathered together specifically for my brother, Nilz.

Personal Videos Folder including:
Debbie's Bridal Shower
Happy Birthday Great Grampa Jeffery
Swinging with Mimie and Emily
Fun with Uncle Zero
Aron and Jordan on the new Deck
Aron Laughing
Jordan Laughing
Aron Walking - not yet uploaded (too long)
Jordan Reading
Recipes Folder

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